My Gorgeous Ring !!!

Hi, I just wanted to send you an email to let you know how in love I am with my ring. We are from Australia and my fiance proposed to me over in NYC on our American adventure. We then went on the hunt for a ring in our favorite city..We came across Greenwich Jewelers and this is where I found my dream ring! It was exactly what I imagined in my head..rose gold,vintage,got shivers down my spine when I tried this ring on-we both knew it was the one! I also couldn't believe the name of the design had "Stone" in it as this is my last name! It was sold instantly and you have 2 very happy customers from Down under. The complements I have received have been overwhelming. Thank you for this beautiful ring on my finger :-)

Rochelle - Australia

engagement Sacha Ring

Great service and workmanship. My diamond sparkles so much that I get tons of compliments. It's a beautiful ring, and I love it. Workmanship is flawless, and Single Stone made some adjustments to suit my desires without altering the overall beauty of the setting. I certainly would recommend this place for anyone who seeks unique and antique jewelry. Anna-CA

anna - ca

So in love with my ring

When my fiance (then boyfriend) suggested we start looking for engagement rings, I could not have been more excited. Or intimidated. What did I want?? How would I know I had found the perfect ring?? So many choices! As we started browsing designs at traditional jewelry stores, I was immediately turned off by the large, impersonal, seen-it-a-million-times-before nature of them all. So was my fiance. The more we thought about it, the more we realized timelessness was key (we hated seeing an abundance of "trendy" designs) and that we would love a vintage look. All the supposed "vintage inspired" designs at the big stores were unimpressive though, and felt inauthentic. Enter a well-informed saleswoman at Barneys New York who told us if we wanted vintage, Ari & Single Stone was THE place to go. We were so taken with his website that we flew to Los Angeles to check it all out in person, and the rest is history. Ari was INCREDIBLE: patient, knowledgeable, warm, and fun and easy to work with. The same goes for the rest of his kind and talented team. What had started out feeling like a stressful experience at big chain stores ended up becoming a very personal and inclusive process that resulted in the ring of my dreams. I've been wearing it for a month now and I fall more and more in love with it everyday. (Same goes for my fiance!) I feel so blessed to have been led to Ari & Single Stone and my fiance and I will surely return to him for our wedding bands. You will not be disappointed if you choose to work with Ari He won't let you be. And you will not find such high quality, authentic, vintage designs and stones anywhere else! Thank you Ari & Single Stone!

Fanny - NY

Simply gorgeous!

I was looking to create a vintage-style ring centered around my modern-cut diamond center stone and was instantly awed when I came across Single Stone in an online search. I was immediately drawn to the fine workmanship and detailing in their pieces. When I visited the store in person I had only a rough mental image of what I wanted, but Ari was able to sketch out my ideas and put it all together into a ring that I would love. I was somewhat nervous as I am very particular about what I like, but Ari seemed quite confident so I trusted him. When the ring arrived (ahead of schedule!), I opened the box and my jaw simply dropped. I was speechless. It was GORGEOUS! I fell instantly in love with it. Ari completely “got” me and what I had in mind. The workmanship was exquisite. I still can’t stop staring at it. I have owned it less than a week and have already received compliments on it. I will definitely visit Single Stone again. I also want to put in a good word for Ari’s wonderful staff, especially Patti, who was so sweet and friendly and oh so patient with me in the beginning stages. Thank you!

Daphna - CA


Hi Ari, I just wanted to sincerely thank you and your team for doing such a beautiful job with my ring! I L-O-V-E it and it turned out exactly how I'd imagined--your workmanship is impeccable! And I also have to tell you, that I find myself educating people about vintage-cut diamonds (ME!) - lol - I also appreciated that you guys did a great job, patiently explaining things to us and educating us on what we were buying. The ring is timeless, elegant and just beautiful. I really can't stop admiring it! :) Thank you.

Hafsa - CA


ARI!!!!!!! I cannot thank you enough for creating my PERFECT RING! Im so in love with it and love it more and more every time I look at it!!!!!!!! You did such an amazing job, from picking the perfect sapphires to all the little engraving all around the setting. It is perfect that is all I can say, PERFECT! You were so fantastic to work with during this process, helping us do all the things that we needed to make everything turn out right. Especially when it came to my grandmothers diamond, your suggestion to re-polish her diamond to make it look older and fit what I wanted was the best advice ever. I am more than in love with the way it came out and am 110% sure she would approve! I cannot thank you enough for turning something so special to me into something more special than I ever imagined. Thank you again, Taryn


I feel like a princes!!!

My husband and I made the jaunt from San Diego to LA this weekend to look for replacement wedding bands. Ours were stolen a year ago on vacation- just the saddest feeling ever. But, thankfully, we found Single Stone! I had found their website brousing LA Wedding sites and instantly knew they had special/unique jewlery. It was our 2nd (and last stop) for jewlery. Patti was extremely kind and warm, and instantly made us feel at home. Ari was helpful and had great info on the styles/cut/design of the ring. We felt like we were in great hands with them. The shop wasn't your typical jewlery district shop. All the items are unique looking. The ring I choose was the first one I saw in the window and it just jumped out at me. I remember thinking-- "Oh my god that ring is so beautiful - I could never afford it!" Sure enough - it's the ring we walked out of there with. Their styles are so unique and well done-- I can't wait to get more jewlery from them down the line. They also are making my husbands band. We are absolutely thrilled with our purchases, and now will be lifelong customers. Thanks Ari & Patti!!

Amy - CA

Only the Very Best!!!

Single Stone is so much more than just a jewelry store. From the minute you walk in, you can feel the wonderful atmosphere in the elegant boutique. From the minute you talk to Ari, Patti, and Heather, you just know you are in good hands. Ari is absolutely brilliant. He has an exquisite taste for beauty and quality, and he is unrivaled when it comes to antique and custom pieces. He pays close attention and takes great pride in his work. We are usually very meticulous about everything we do, and this purchase was so meaningful and important to us that we still can't believe how easy it was to let go and hand everything over to Ari and just know it would turn out magnificent. And sure enough, he made us the most beautiful ring imaginable. During the process of finding the perfect piece, he offered insightful input, while listening and applying everything we wanted. His attention to detail was much appreciated. He is honest and straight forward, and he cares about what is best for you. Patti is wonderfully kind and sweet, and she made us feel so at home and comfortable through the entire process. Heather's perky personality and eagerness to help was simply fabulous. All in all, we couldn't have asked for a better experience!

Yuan - California

Hi Ari, Rosalin loves the ring so much and is quite often told by others that they've never seen a ring quite as beautiful or unique. Her sister who helped me just saw it for the first time and can't believe how perfect it came out compared to the original. I think you need a New York location because you are starting to develop fans there as well!!! As much as Rosalin likes to show it off, it catches people's eye and she gets questioned out of the blue often. We've only been in Southern California a day and it's already happened here too. Michael

Michael - NY

What a Gorgeous Ring!

Ari, Thank you for this gorgeous ring! From the moment we started talking to you about engagement ring styles, I knew that you heard both of us and could imagine the type of ring we wanted. Not only did you deliver on this vision, you enhanced and refined it in a way that we could not have imagined. Everyone who has seen the ring comments on it's beauty and uniqueness. Not to sound cheesy or overly effusive, but one friend said, "This ring is more than just jewelry, it's a work of art." Whether it's the octagonal setting, the intricate filigree and open work, or the quality of the stones, you really pulled out all the stops. Thank you for your attention to detail and beautiful craftsmanship. I will treasure this ring for the rest of my life :) Sylvia

Sylvia - CA

Another Perfect Piece!

I just received my eternity band back, and just wanted to send a heartfelt thank you to everyone at Single Stone for doing such a beautiful job resetting my mom's ring - and for being such a pleasure to work with again! You guys are such a great resource to have - and will be first on my list for future jewelry purchases :) Between my mini-emerald wedding band and my mom's newly re-set band, I have two lovely pieces that I'm proud to say are Single Stone creations. Even though I'm all the way out in Cleveland, you guys truly feel like my 'neighborhood' jewelers (except WAY cooler!) Your customer service just can't be beat. Thanks again! xoxo

Laura - OH


Almost a year ago I saw an add for Single Stone with a ring I absolutely loved. I clipped it and kept it folded, wishing on it every once and a while. Recently I became engaged and when we started talking about rings I immediately pulled out the clipping. What was even better than seeing this wish come true was the absolute kind and special attention Patti gave me while at the LA showroom. Thank you so very much for my special special ring -- the start to a very special year! Vanessa

Vanessa - FL.

I could not be more happy.

A friend recommended Single Stone to me after I said I was wanting to make an antique looking engagement ring with some family diamonds that I was given. So I met with Ari and he talked me through all that goes into making a ring and what makes up a good ring. He showed me trays of rings from which I chose certain elements from several different rings that I liked and he drew me a sketch of what we had discussed. I have to say I was nervous, but his confidence made me feel comfortable. When got the pictures, and then eventually the finished ring, I was beyond excited. On top of that, everyone who sees the ring loves it and thinks I did such a good job. I could not be more happy. It's the perfect ring for my soon to be wife.

George - Michigan


Comments on images sent of finished piece... "Oh my god. I could be on the floor for days!!! It is blowing my mind how gorgeous this is. You guys did it, exceeded my wildest imagination. do you know how hard it is not to show phoebe?? Im dying! THANK YOU! talk to you monday. Comments after receiving ring.... Ring received! WOW. I'm floored. THANK YOU!!!

Matt - PA

We are so glad we did!

Ari, Tiffany said "yes" and we are now engaged. Tiffany and I both think the work you have done on the ring is striking and georgeous. The ring fit perfectly. We both are very happy with it. We will take your advice and Tiffany will wear the ring for a little while before she decides how she feels about engraving the band and/or millgraining the bezel. Thank you so much for all the time you dedicated to answering our questions and working with us on designing this ring. It means a lot to both of us. Your customer service and your product were both absolutely first class. Had it not been for you and your non-standard ideas on this ring design, we certainly wouldn't have ended up with the unique and beautiful ring we now have. Thank you for suggesting go down this road. We are so glad we did! All the best, -Dave

David - CA


I found Single Stone on line and fell in love instantly. Every piece of jewelry was unique and stunning. I found the ring of my dreams at Single Stone and showed it to my fiance. For the next year I searched other jewelry stores but couldn't find any rings that were vintage. All the other rings looks mass produced with no character. When the time came he surprised me on our 2 year anniversary with the ring I wanted from Single Stone!!! He told me all about the EXCELLENT customer service that Ari and Patti provided. Ari preferred to show him a stone that would be perfect for my setting and didn't try to sell him the larger diamond which was more expensive!! Once I had the ring I had to get it sized and made the wrong decision by taking it to a large well known jewelry store in Atlanta. I was not impressed with the work that the Atlanta jeweler had done and called Patti upset about my BEAUTIFUL ring that now had a flaw. She listened to me and put me at ease by saying not to worry she would fix it. I sent it to Single Stone to be fix and quickly got it back looking as beautiful as it did the first time I saw it. Thank you so much for the wonderful experience. I highly recommend you to anyone looking for outstanding service and radiant jewelry. We will be back for his ring and my wedding band. Thank you again!! Julie and John from Atlanta.

John - GA

Stunning Msterwork!

Hi Ari, I surprised Kate with the ring this past Saturday night on the roof of my apartment building looking out over Manhattan -- where our first "official" date had taken place. She absolutely loved the ring and, also importantly, she said yes. I've copied Kate on this email so she can share her thoughts on the ring, but I also wanted to say thank you again both for your stunning masterwork and also for the excellent experience I had working with you and Patti on this. With a decision, purchase, and event of this significance, trust cannot be undervalued. At best, the other places we looked made me only mildly uncomfortable at the thought of dealing with them. In contrast, you made me feel comfortable about the process from the very beginning, and then promptly and candidly responded to every question I had along the way. You never steered me wrong, and at the end of the day, as promised, you delivered a ring that exceeded my expectations. Thank you. Best regards, Dan-- New York

Dan - NY

You Did me Great!

Ari ... It's your good friend Charlie. Two things. First, you did me great. My fiancee absolutely loved the ring you helped me design. I finally proposed to her out in Palm Springs this last weekend at the Colony Palms Hotel. She does this great thing where she always asks me what jewelry she should wear. So before our dinner, over pink Veuve Clicquot at our villa, after she presented me with her glitter options, I mentioned she might be missing something to complement her outfit. She was totally surprised and thought maybe I was giving her a necklace or something. I dropped to my knee and asked her to marry me. She accepted. So thanks for your part in making that happen. Thanks once more. Best, Charlie N.

Charlie - CA

My Estate Ring Is Now Perfect

Ari, I just wanted to Thank You so very much for the ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL job that you and your staff did on my recently acquired estate ring! I could not be happier!!!!! I really appreciate this as I could not have lived with it the way that it was! It really looks GREAT! I hope that you will be open to working with me again soon? I truly am very grateful to you!!!!!!!!!!! All The Best, Chuck - PA

Charles - PA

She absolutely loves it!

Hi Ari, I just wanted to give you the good news, she said yes! The both of us couldn't be happier with the ring you made. She absolutely loves it. It fits her sense of style and she was so curious to hear the story behind it. I can't tell you how excited she is to tell people where she got it from and that someone actually made it for her, it wasn't just a cookie cutter design from a generic jeweler. We have gotten countless compliments on its beauty and uniqueness, but most importantly Rachel tells me almost daily how much she loves it. Thank you so much for this ring, I am so glad I found you. We would love to get our wedding bands from you when the time is right, so you'll be hearing from me soon. Best, Jared M.


Flooded Compliments!

Just a note to thank you again for my killer ring. You guys made it such a special experience and I'm getting flooded w/ compliments! We'll be back for our wedding bands. Sj


It is a complete work of art!

Dear Ari & Patti, I just wanted to let you know how thoroughly impressed I am with the way my custom ring setting from Singlestone has turned out. It is absolutely breathtaking. So amazing that I could hardly believe it was mine for keeps. You did a phenomenal job in recreating the exact design and look that I requested. I must say that I cannot stop staring at this ring. It is complete work of art. Thank you both for working so hard to make my vision come to life. You are the best in your craft and it was definitely worth the wait. Kindest Regards, Liz


One in a Million!!

Ari, Good evening! Thank you very much for following up! The proposal went well, Freya accepted the ring (weeping over it's intense beauty) and we are engaged. I am the luckiest man (i feel) in the world! I also wanted to thank you for your guidance, I couldn't have done this without you! You are professional, kind, understanding, in in a million!! Sincerely, Rob

Rob - OK

Simply Lovely!

To the Crew at Single Stone- I don't think I can find the words to describe how incredibly happy I am with the work you guys have done on my engagement ring! What a beautiful product you guys have produced! I must gaze down at least 50x a day.....I am in LOVE. Not only do you guys produce beautiful pieces- but a lot has to be said about your SUPERB customer service!! Especially considering that I was such a PAIN getting the ring to fit my finger!! But you guys were simply LOVELY every time I stepped into the shop. Austin and I look forward to many pieces to come from Single Stone in our future & can't wait to reccomend you to friends! With love -Frankie and Austin

Austin - CA

Thanks Ari!

Dear Ari, You made a beautiful and exquisite ring for my girlfriend and took us through the process of buying a ring that was warm, thorough and extremely engaging. We couldn't be happier. Thank you for being such a mensch! Jason

Jason - CA

Thank you again for your professionalism

Dear Ari, Well, after a week's time, my ring is even more stunning to me than it was when I walked out of your showroom. I have received SO many compliments on it (just in one week, which never happened with my old setting!) and I cannot stop staring at it - which has almost caused an accident or two while driving :) I just want to thank you again for your professionalism and warmth throughout the whole experience. Regardless of our meager budget, you remained attentive and so open to helping me find my dream setting. I am really grateful not only for the ring I have on my finger but for the real pleasure the journey finding it was. I am so proud to have my very own Singlestone piece. We've also passed on your cards to alot of people so I hope they will find their way to your showroom and/or website. And we will certainly be back on trips home to LA. I'm already working on the husband for one of your gorgeous stackers... All the best to you and your family in 2010! Fondly, Jamie I. St Louis,MO


Absolutely Stunning

I cannot begin to thank Ari and Single Stone enough for my gorgeous rings! Searching for a stone and setting half way around the world without seeing them in person was daunting at first, but Ari made the experience so easy and I trust his advice and expertise completely. Ari is also an amazingly patient person and you are an absolute gem! My rings are so much more delicate in person than in the photos, and the skill that it must have taken to make them so perfect astounds me. I can't stop staring at my rings and especially at the OEC you recommended, It's so hypnotic that I don't want to look away! I'm really hoping that I will be lucky enough to have Ari and Single Stone create another beauty for me again someday. Till then, thank you so much, you have made me one of the happiest people! :)

Vivian - Australia

Problem with ring!

Dear Ari, We received the ring today, and there is just one small problem: I will never take it off my finger. Quite simply, it is the most beautiful ring I have EVER seen. I am now wondering if I even need a wedding band because I cannot imagine putting any other ring near it. It is stunning. The pictures you sent did not prepare me for the tiny, beautiful, intricate details that make my ring so very special and unique. Thank you so much-- not just for the ring, but also for making this such a fun and easy process. My fiance and I went to Tiffany last night to pick up the wedding band he ordered, and there was not a single ring in that store that rivals the one on my finger right now. I just can't believe what a perfect ring you created. And by the way, the ring left him speechless, too! He is not a jewelry man at all, but when he saw it, he couldn't stop saying "Wow!". Please, please, please let me know how I can brag about the wonderful work of SingleStone. I will never buy a piece of jewelry from anywhere else. Thank you, Gracias, Toda Raba, Danke, Shukran, Merci! Praya B.

PRAYA - va


Ari, Thanks very much for your kind note. Let me also take a moment to thank you for the incredible ring. It is perfect. When I opened it this afternoon (shortly before Praya came home) I was floored - it's magnificent. I must admit I grew a tad bit impatient with the seemingly never-ending, Tolkeinesque, search for the perfect ring, but when I opened the box today all impatience dissipated immediately. Pictures do not do the ring's beauty justice. It's breathtaking. I'm fortunate to have found the perfect woman to spend the rest of my life with and it seems only fitting that this perfect woman have the perfect ring. Thank you. Warmest regards, Aaron S.

Aaron - VA

My Ring is GORGEOUS!

I knew I wanted something different. Not your typical engagement ring. Actually, this is what my significant other and I refer to as "I love you forever ring". Definitely a ceremonial ring, but defiitely not ordinary. I met with Ari and we collaborated on a design that was unique, simple, beautiful and within our budget. After 4+ weeks of great anticipation, I received my ring and all I can say is, it's insanely gorgeous! Thank you Ari for making my vision come true!

Victoria - Calif

Amazing restoration!

I sent in a badly damaged antique diamond wedding band that belonged to my great-grandmother for a complicated restoration. I could not be more thrilled with the result! Ari and his team did an unbelievable job retaining the character of the ring while making it structurally sound and absolutely lovely. The quality of workmanship is astonishing, and while I treasured the ring before, now I can't wait until my wedding to wear it! I look forward to having the chance to work with Ari and Single Stone again for both the wonderful customer service and the amazing end result!

Jennifer - NY

Custom design

Thank you Ari for being attentive to my request for the particular design elements for my custom mounting. I will cherish the piece and it will be a wonderful heirloom to my family through the years.

Phyllis - MS

Thank you!

Thank you for finding me the exact type of vintage diamond I wanted and for polishing my old diamond to perfection! Not only are you experts, but you're so nice to work with, too. June, NC

June - NC

The most magnificent jewelry around!

"If your love is antique stones or settings- Single Stone is a MUST." The LA showroom has an amazing selection of both old and new pieces that represent the best quality and workmanship. If you don't see exactly what you want, Ari can help design a one of a kind piece, or will locate the perfect stones. People are amazed when they see my 3 stone OEC diamond ring, created by Single Stone, because the diamonds are so white and bright and give off colors like a disco ball! Ari took the time to locate just the right stones and then created a setting that compliments them perfectly. Engagement rings have center stage at Single Stone, but my favorite earrings, eternity band, and yellow gold charm bracelet are also Single Stone purchases. Basically the pieces I own from Single Stone seem to become the ones that I wear daily and never want to take off! Coming from someone who can be self described as jewelry obsessed... well educated about diamonds and extremely picky about quality, cost, and all the little details... I find Single Stone well deserves it place at the top of my list for the best customer service, competitive prices, and most importantly- the most magnificent jewelry around! Julie, CA

Julie - CA

All in all a great experience!

Single Stone and Ari in particular came highly recommended to me by quite a few people. I was in the market for a OEC diamond engagement ring. I wanted a good selection of stones, settings and antique rings to choose from which I heard Ari had. I discovered their website and spent a lot of time looking at the wonderful selection of rings on there. Lots of gorgeous antique and custom settings! When I was ready to start looking Ari sent me lots of beautiful pictures of many old and new settings. Out of all the rings I inquired about there was one gorgeous and unique setting that Single Stone makes that caught my eye. My husband and I flew down from San Francisco to LA just to look at their selection. It was totally worth the trip. Their downtown LA showroom for starters was really modern, hip and classy. Ari has a great staff working for him, in particular Patty who\'s very helpful. Ari himself is extermely personable and a lot of fun to work with. We wound up going with a gorgeous OEC stone in a Single Stone custom setting. I have so many compliments on my ring. Many remarks on how unique it is. It\'s a truly stunning piece. We enjoyed the ring and our experience so much we bought both of our wedding bands from there, both custom made by Single Stone. I also had Ari create a new ring for me with diamonds from another ring and new sapphires. He designed a beautiful marquis and round shaped band for me with pink sapphires. Since I don\'t live in the area he happily shipped stones to me to choose from. All in all a great experience. We defnitely plan on making future purchases from Single Stone! Marian, Ca

Marian - CA

Genius Jeweler

I think Ari is a genius jeweler. As a client he makes you feel special and no matter the budget he makes the piece he is creating for you the most important. Between artistic brilliance and genuine customer service no one is better.


Making My Dream Ring a Reality

Ari, It's been months, and I still can't stop staring at my ring. It really is perfection, and I couldn't possibly be more thrilled with how it turned out, which is exactly how every woman should feel about her engagement ring. :) After much research (years, if you consider helping friends track down their dream engagement rings), I knew exactly what I wanted. When John was ready, I was very, very excited to e-mail you about starting a custom project. Communication couldn't have been better, having received responses to e-mails in a matter of hours, if not minutes. Meeting you (and Patti) in person was even better than e-mailing - such warmth and obvious enthusiasm for what you do.. Everything in your showroom was ridiculously gorgeous, including the stones you tracked down that would fit in our budget. While it took a little longer to track down the perfect side stones than planned (because you are the quintessential perfectionist), it was definitely well worth the wait. I was happy for your expert opinion when it came to a few minor design changes as well, that made the ring flow better than the original design. The ring you created for me turned out more beautifully than I could ever have imagined. Thank you so much for making my dream ring a reality, and for being so wonderful to work with.


Delighted and Impressed

I can't imagine finding a ring better suited to my taste or more beautiful than the one Single Stone made for me. Not only am I delighted with the final product but was also very impressed with their service. Their expert guidance made the process go very smoothly, making it easy for me to work with them from a remote location. As I had heard from my friend who recommended them to me, their jewelers were very experienced, had exceptional taste and were dedicated to selling only high quality jewelry. I also appreciated that they listened to what I wanted and helped me create it within my budget. I would recommend them unconditionally and will certainly work with them again in the future.


Every Detail is Perfect

I first heard about single stone from my sister in law who got her ring from single stone. I loved the antique and different look to her ring so I went to the store to check it out. When i got there, i fell in love with all the different types of rings they had at the store. There were a ton of different settings to choose from, many of which are very unique and different from the settings I had seen at other places. Additionally, since the store works by appointment only, i was able to have the store to myself while I looked/shopped which i think makes any girl feel a lot more comfortable about vocalizing what exactly they need/want in their engagement ring. The whole experience from looking to actually customizing the exact details i wanted on my ring was super easy. Ari and Patti were both very helpful, realistic and honest about what would look nice and what would work. After many fun visits, i finally chose a ring and love it. It is a beautiful ring and every detail is perfect and very personal. I don't think I could have gotten a better engagement ring anywhere else! Thank you!


My Dream Ring

I had been looking for my dream ring for many months. I decided the internet was my best option and having successfully bought other jewelry online felt comfortable with this mode of shopping. Finding made my "dream" come true! From the moment I entered the site I knew I would find what I was searching for. The website has a very luxurious feel and the rings stood out immediately compared to other sites I had visited. When I had narrowed down my choices, Ari sent me pictures of different angles of the rings and when I finally made the choice I couldn't have been happier with the service. The ring was shipped to Canada with not a single problem. When I opened the box I discovered my ring was even more beautiful than I realized - it literally took my breath away and still does! I would not hesitate to buy from Singlestone again, my experience was beyond positive. Thank you Ari and team!


Beautiful Engagement Ring

Thank you so much for the beautiful engagement ring. I am in love with it and receive constant compliments about the magnificent detailed engravings. When we first went to look at engagement rings, we were really disappointed with the typical and ordinary selection of engagement rings. It was such a lackluster process. Not to mention, how pressurized we felt from the sales team. When we came to SingleStone, we fell in love with all the rings. It was actually difficult for us to decide on just one ring because they were all so beautiful, unique, and affordable. Ari and Patty are amazing to work with. They really care that you have a ring that you immensely adore. It was an absolute pleasure working with the both of you and looking forward to selecting the wedding bands from Single Stone very soon.



There is jewelry, and there is jewelry. My pieces from Single Stone have forever ruined me from buying from anyone else. The craftsmanship is superb and the quality unparalleled. The shopping experience feels very personal - Ari, Patti and the rest of the staff are always cordial, extremely helpful and genuinely interested in finding me whatever it may be that was tickling my fancy at each visit. The selection is vast, ranging from one of a kind pieces antique pieces to the most beautifully executed reproductions! Come in with your own ideas and Ari is happy to listen to you, go through the finer details and give you his input - which, in my book, is priceless.


The Perfect Ring

A friend recommended Single Stone to me after I said I was wanting to make an antique looking engagement ring with some family diamonds that I was given. So I met with Ari and he talked me through all that goes into making a ring and what makes up a good ring. He showed me trays of rings from which I chose certain elements from several different rings that I liked and he drew me a sketch of what we had discussed. I have to say I was nervous, but his confidence made me feel comfortable. When got the pictures, and then eventually the finished ring, I was beyond excited. On top of that, everyone who sees the ring loves it and thinks I did such a good job. I could not be more happy. It's the perfect ring for my soon to be wife.



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