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Couple Spotlight- Don and Helena

It is safe to say, we love a good proposal, and this one really takes the cake! Don proposed to Helena in front of the infamous John Lennon Wall in Prague. We could not wait to hear their love story and how Don came up with this incredible creative proposal. Scroll below to read the story!

Q: How did you and your fiance meet?

Don and I met at a bar on the night we both were graduating from Indiana University in 2009.  The bar was really crowded and he accidentally spilled a drink on me.  Let’s just say I was not pleased.   A week later it just so happened we were both at the same bar again and a mutual friend introduced us!

Q: How did you know he/she was the one?

From Helena- He has always been, for lack of a better word, incredibly cool.  He has tons of hobbies and interests and is so optimistic and fun.  He makes my life interesting.  We’ve both had our ups and downs throughout the seven years we’ve been together but we’ve always been there to support one another.  It’s hard to explain but I just can’t imagine a life without him.  No one else compares.

From Don- I knew very early on that she was the one, she was beautiful and had a great sense of humor but on top of that, she was insanely smart and ambitious. We have also been through a lot together, which challenged us and made us a much more mature relationship. I wouldn’t imagine spending my life with anyone else, every time I see her, its like I’m seeing her for the first time again, she just has this energy which is contagious and makes me happy.

Q: Tell us about this amazing proposal!

 From Don- I knew that the trip to Europe was going to be where I proposed, there are beautiful places everywhere, which by itself would have been amazing, but I also wanted the proposal to be lasting, something we can say was there forever, and even though at this point the tag is covered with layers upon layers of paint, its still there and Prague will always be that much more important to us because of it.

From Helena- We were traveling in Europe and our first stop was in Prague.  We had dinner plans one night and Donny told me since we had some extra time we should stop by the John Lennon Wall, a wall in Prague that was covered in Beatles lyrics and graffiti after John Lennon’s assassination. Tourists go there now and you can draw your own graffiti on the wall.  As we were walking past the wall l saw a big whited out area that said “Helena will you marry me?” and when I turned to him he was down on one knee proposing.  He had gotten a local photographer/artist to paint the words and then take pictures of the proposal. It was so surreal, there were hundreds of people there.  After I said yes everyone started cheering and shouting out congratulations in a bunch of different languages. Knowing that the proposal will always be on that wall, even when its covered in layers of graffiti, is such a cool feeling.

Q: Tell us about the Ring

We used the stone from Don’s Mom’s engagement ring, a sapphire, and had Single Stone design the setting.  We brought the stone to Single Stone and worked with Heather.  She was amazing. Heather knew exactly what type of style would work for me and talked me through what I could expect from the final product.  The service was incredible and the ring is gorgeous. I get so many compliments – I couldn’t have asked for a better experience.

On a side note, even though we designed the ring together, I didn’t see the final result until Donny proposed. It is beautiful!