Single Stone 

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3. Design Concept

Together we’ll discuss design ideas based on styles you love, your metal preference and personal lifestyle along with creating a photoshop, wax or silver sample to show you how your custom design will look with your stones.

4. Insurance

We’ll want to make sure your vintage diamonds and gemstones are insured during the production process. We can connect you with a reliable agent for an annual policy, or provide you with temporary insurance.

5. Production

Once we have selected a design and insured your stone(s), we’ll get to work on your handcrafted new piece! Each one of our unique gemstone settings is crafted by hand to the measurements of your stone. In 8-10 weeks you’ll have your new piece in hand. Trust us it will be worth the wait!

In addition to creating our collection of handcrafted heirloom quality fine jewelry, we love to work with our clients to reimagine their existing jewelry into new pieces they will wear and enjoy.

Whether your vintage engagement ring setting no longer suits your lifestyle, you inherited family stones, or are looking to repurpose a piece that has been taking up space in the back of your jewelry box, we can work together to create a custom piece of jewelry to breathe new life into your personal collection.

Here is a step by step process of what it looks like to reset your diamond or create a custom piece with Single Stone.

1. Schedule an Appointment

We currently offer in person one-on-one appointments at our Downtown LA Showroom and virtually over Zoom. Appointments are available through our website for custom design consultations.

2. Show us your Stones

We’ll want to take a look at your vintage diamonds or gemstones to see what we’re working with. If you have any certificates, appraisals or measurements, that information is all very helpful as we begin to design your custom setting or piece.

6. Enjoy Your New Jewelry

The rest is history!

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