We have been handcrafting our Collection for over 25 years with an almost compulsive approach to all facets of production.  We pride ourselves on our craftsmanship which is a result of years of perfecting vintage design elements, whether they be the delicate filigree on one of our engagement rings or the unexpected arrangement of antique diamonds in our Cobblestone Collection.  While we are influenced by vintage design and believe in the re-purposing of original antique diamonds and precious stones, we create our pieces to be timeless rather than trendy, classic yet contemporary, and always with the wearer in mind.

Custom Design 

Let our in-house designers help you create that special piece of jewelry just for you. From the selection of your center stone to that most minute detail, we can help you create your own signature piece.

We have an extensive library of images to use for inspiration and offer a wide selection of loose vintage diamonds to choose from. Our pieces are offered in platinum or gold. Our gold is available in different colors (rose, white and yellow) as well as different karats (14-18-22).

Repairs and Restoration 

Whether your vintage piece needs a resize or repair, our skilled jewelers can bring life back to your treasured family heirlooms. We offer repair and restoration ranging from a simple solder to a more comprehensive re-build to ensure your jewelry is wearable for years to come.  


We provide an appraisal for all Single Stone purchases which can be used to obtain insurance. Should you decide to obtain an independent appraisal, we recommend that you choose a certified appraiser who has knowledge of vintage jewelry and diamonds.