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Vintage Bridal Jewelry

While diamonds are traditional, vintage wedding jewelry carries an added significance in comparison to modern styles. For instance, an old-style, cushion-cut engagement ring brings with it a reverence for the past as well as a uniqueness that changes with the times. Worn with a vintage wedding gown, it evokes a nostalgic sentiment. Paired with modern clothing fashions, it makes a completely different statement.

The Versatility of Vintage Wedding Jewelry

Hand-crafted jewelry is clearly more distinctive than machine-manufactured pieces. Before modern stone-finishing techniques, each diamond was cut by hand to please the eye and preserve the integrity of the stone. No replica can duplicate the character displayed by these antique diamond wedding rings. It is evident in the one-of-a-kind shape of old mine and cushion cuts, and the early rounding technique of the European cut.

Today's perfectly round, ultrabrilliant stones, while high in quality, are lacking in this type of character. There is a sense of mystery and drama in wearing fine vintage jewelry.

Who wore the piece originally and for what purpose? Where will it appear next? Part of that legacy is handed down to the future owner.

Wedding jewelry must look good today and hold promise for tomorrow. Some modern designs achieve this. Increasingly, however, buyers who desire unusual bridal solitaire engagement rings or earrings embrace the old styles. Savvy designers have recognized this demand and begun to craft vintage-inspired pieces. Whichever era buyers choose, they should view a wide selection to compare each piece's quality and unique appeal. The Los Angeles-based Single Stone provides a thoughtful collection of bridal jewelry at two locations.

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