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Vintage Jewelry

First-time clients and seasoned collectors all seek similar elements when choosing vintage jewelry, but often for different reasons. Individual buyers may seek unusual bridal sets or jewelry for other special occasions. Purchasing a unique bracelet or ring with heirloom quality makes a good family investment. Collectors may instead be chasing the rare colored diamond or one-of-a-kind gemstone cluster. Vintage loose diamonds are also popular with aficionados and traders.

Loose diamonds make solid investments because they can be certified. Many antique diamonds mounted in jewelry will never be removed for certification, for this might disturb the integrity of the piece. Buyers should thus consider their priorities in choosing loose or set vintage diamonds or other gemstones. A reputable store is likely to carry both types.

Other Factors in Choosing Vintage Jewelry

Whether one is looking for vintage bracelets, earrings or rings buyers should take time to note the condition of the piece (i.e. wear, damage, etc.) and quality of the materials and craftsmanship.

As far as what types of pieces to purchase, buyers should let their taste be their guide and choose pieces on the basis of how they make the wearer look and feel. It is sometimes helpful to think about what one wants in a piece, such as type or cut of stone (Asscher, Cushion, old Mine or old European cut) as well as what design elements one enjoys (filigree or engraving). However, at the end of the day, jewelry is sentimental and taste is subjective, so the general rule of thumb is to buy what you love – that way you can never go wrong.


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