Real Women Wear Single Stone

Meet Terilynn

What better time than Mother's Day to introduce another awe-inspiring woman who happens to be a Single Stone client? We're excited to share the next installment in our new series spotlighting a few of the many real-life super women we are fortunate enough to have as Single Stone clients.

At Single Stone, we have the pleasure of working with so many inspiring women. Creating jewelry with meaning is a core part of our brand, and we are honored to play a role in preserving their stories through jewels. Besides our own stores, we feel very fortunate to have wonderful people representing our brand at retail partner stores across the country, and we just love seeing them share in our passion for what we do. Our designs are very personal and sentimental for us, so while we don’t get to enjoy a direct interaction with every client who purchases our jewelry through these partners, we always appreciate having that opportunity!

Meet Terilynn, a beloved
client of our retail partner
Korman Fine Jewelry

Terilynn is a very proud mother and grandmother. A self-described Texas girl, she is full of Southern charm and a larger-than-life personality. We had a blast getting to know her at a recent trunk show!


Tell us a little about yourself!

I am a Texas girl! I love Southern tradition. I enjoy great food and a cold glass of champagne. I enjoy entertaining and spending time with family and friends.

How did you first discover Single Stone?

Josh from Korman Fine Jewelry introduced me to Single Stone and I am lucky enough to have several beautiful pieces!

How long have you lived in the Austin area?

I traveled for several years between Austin and West Texas. We moved here permanently about 3 years ago.

Favorite thing about the city?

After living in West Texas, I love everything about the city, with the exception of the traffic! The many cultures, the restaurants, the rolling hills, the trees, the music everywhere - and the lakes!

TeriLynn with her daughter Caroline

What did you do for work?

I was a stay-at-home Mom to my 3 children. It was my greatest pleasure to be able to be there for them after school.

What did you enjoy most about your job?

I loved and cherished every day with my children. I loved being home to greet them after school.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

I love being with my granddaughters, Kennedy and Margot, who are currently 5 and 3. They make me laugh, and they keep me moving non-stop. My husband Bruce and I love to sail - we recently bought a sailboat. We also love to travel to Colorado and enjoy time in the mountains.

What does your ideal day look like?

An outrageous ideal day would be: oysters, champagne, a beautiful spring day and loads of friends to enjoy with me!!!


How would you describe your jewelry style?

I have no idea how to describe my jewelry style! I do believe in this though - wear it now! Don’t save your favorite pieces for a special occasion; every day is a special occasion! I wear it all, no matter what I am doing. If I am riding a horse, I have on diamonds. If I am on the sailboat, I have on diamonds! I swim with them on! You get my point… it’s part of who I am! I recently had some elective surgery and wasn’t allowed to wear earrings for a few weeks. I was so thrilled when I could put my diamond studs back on!!

TeriLynn's cobblestone letter "J"

Favorite Single Stone piece in your jewelry box?

My favorite pieces of Single Stone are the initials of my three children: Caroline, Tyler, and my late son Jackson. My precious husband gave me all three of the initials on August 2, 2021, the birthday of Jackson. So I cherish those and always will. Next up is the initials of my granddaughters, Kennedy and Margot!!

You got to take a peek at some of our latest pieces at our event with Korman this week - what’s at the top of your wish list?

My favorite was the necklace I bought! I think it will be lovely with several things I have. Next, I want the emerald necklace!!!

TeriLynn's cobblestone letters "C" and "T," the crescent necklace she bought, and the emerald necklace she's coveting

What is your favorite thing about Single Stone?

The stones have stories to tell, and we don’t know the stories, but we can know that someone was loved, cherished, treasured! For me to then receive a gift of a Single Stone piece is a continuation of that story. I get to be part of that, and being part of someone else’s story is magical. All my jewelry will be passed down to my daughter and granddaughters. As little girls, they notice the earrings, the necklaces, the bracelets - all the ‘shiny sparkles.’ They will wear them one day and remember Sweetpea (my grandmother name). So, the story continues and goes on.