Single Stone handcrafted pieces come with a one year warranty against manufacturing defects. Damage caused to a ring due to customer wear and tear is not covered by our warranty. Loss or damage to the center stone once set is also not covered under the Single Stone warranty. In addition, any work done by another jeweler ( e.g. sizing, repair, alteration, polishing, etc.) to a Single Stone piece will void the Single Stone warranty.
Jewelry from our Single Stone Vintage Collection has been carefully inspected to ensure all stones, settings, and mountings are secure. All vintage pieces are sold "as is" and are excluded from the Single Stone manufacturer's warranty as these pieces have not been manufactured by Single Stone.


Single Stone offers one complimentary sizing with purchase. Please note we cannot re-size eternity bands that have diamonds that extend all the way around the band.

Ring Care

We recommend cleaning your ring once a month or more if necessary. All you will need to clean your ring is a cup of hot water, a few drops of mild dish soap and a soft bristled toothbrush.
Step 1: Drop your ring in hot, soapy water and let it soak for about five minutes. (This will loosen any dirt or build up that is on your ring.)
Step 2: Take the toothbrush to the inside of the ring and softly scrub away the dirt using a light rotating motion. Do not brush the top of your ring. Focus on the underside of your stone as this is where lotion and dirt tend to accumulate.
Step 3: Pat the ring dry with a paper towel or soft jewelry cloth.
This method of cleaning works on most fine jewelry and gemstones but there are a few exceptions that require a little more TLC. Please note, this cleaning technique is not intended for oxidized pieces as the scrubbing will remove the oxidized finish.

Be Cautious

Everyday activities can cause your ring to bend and stones to loosen. Avoid wearing them while performing manual tasks such as gardening, exercising, playing sports or any activity that puts any stress on your hands. Fine jewelry should also be removed before putting on lotion/cosmetic products. Removing jewelry when sleeping and showering is also recommended.
We recommend that rings are checked every 6 months by Single Stone to detect any damage or vulnerabilities that the piece may have sustained due to normal wear and tear. If you feel that your ring has been compromised shows any sign of damage, it is advised that you stop wearing the piece and have it inspected as soon as possible.