Couple spotlight


Today we are honored to share this beautiful love story of a very special couple and their custom-designed ring. This story is near and dear to our hearts as these two love birds are part of the Single Stone family. They were recently engaged and have been gracious enough to share their love story with us.
A woman's hand wearing a diamond engagement ring, clasped with a man's hand with the ocean as the backdrop

Creating jewelry with meaning is at the heart of our brand. Every piece of jewelry we create has a different meaning to a different person, and we are honored to play a part in preserving precious moments and memories with our future heirlooms. We especially love the opportunity to hear and share the wonderful stories that bring our bespoke pieces to life.

Single Stone couple Kate and Tommy on the beach smiling at each other after getting engaged. Kate is wearing her new ring


Kate takes us back to the beginning...

“T ommy and I reconnected where magic can always be found…the movies. Coincidentally, we were both home in St. Louis from college at the same time and our families were seeing the same film. (Although, we don’t believe in coincidences.) I was settling into my seat when I heard a familiar voice next to me ask, “Kate?” and the next thing I knew, I was chatting with Tommy Moorkamp from high school. We both distinctly remember not being able to concentrate during the film.

I received a DM (direct message) on Facebook from Tommy that evening. Tommy clarified he simply wanted to “know how I was doing.” I let him know that after graduating in a couple months, I would be moving to Los Angeles at the end of the summer to pursue my dream of being a professional actor. I guess that didn’t scare him enough because he continued to ask questions and make conversation. Tommy still had two years of school left in St. Louis. We became best friends during that summer as we shared dreams, values, aspirations and incredible amounts of laughter. We were inseparable. I couldn’t believe I was falling so fast for him only to soon be 2000 miles apart.

The summer came to an end and Tommy promised to visit me in Los Angeles. I took it as a polite gesture and kept my expectations low. After my first week of living in Los Angeles, Tommy booked his first flight out to visit. That flight turned into many more flights, long phone calls and many months of long distance. We had all of the odds against us, but that only confirmed one thing I was certain of: we were soulmates."

We asked the pair when they each knew the other was "the one..."


“Kate captivated me from the moment we sat down next to each other in the theater. I was hooked. I wanted to learn more about this energetic, spunky, driven and hilarious redhead. I knew I wanted to marry Kate after I first visited LA and asked her to be my girlfriend at the top of a mountain. She responded with, ‘Absolutely. As long as our relationship loves and serves the people around us well.’ In that moment, I knew I had found the woman I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. I’ve truly never met a person that loves so deeply and is so committed to loving the ones closest to her.”

Kate smiling, her hand outstretched showing her engagement ring, clasped with Tommy's hand who is otherwise off camera, with sand and ocean as the backdrop


“I always hoped it would be Tommy, but I was certain I wanted to marry him after he moved to Los Angeles. After having a long distance relationship and an unexpected pandemic, I wanted a chance to actually date Tommy in LA. He vowed he’d never let me give up on my dreams. I had already fallen so hard for him. Then, I began to watch how well he treated my friends, my family and the strangers around us. From the first day I ran into him at the theater, he impressed me. I had never met anyone like him, yet I felt like I knew him my entire life. As one of my best friends put it, “you can see the kindness in his eyes.” Everything is more fun when he’s around. I noticed how much joy and laughter I experienced around him and I thought, ‘wow, I want to be next to this man forever.’

Tommy had been bringing up marriage throughout our dating relationship every chance he could. We were sitting on the beach one Sunday afternoon when marriage was brought up again and this time, it felt different. We looked at each other knowingly and excitedly. We were eager to be engaged.”

Tommy kneels on the beach with a ring box outstretched as he proposes to Kate, who is standing in front of him and looks happily surprised
Tommy knew he wanted to propose on Kate’s favorite beach in Malibu. He wanted their closest family and friends to be there to celebrate afterwards, but for the proposal, he wanted an intimate moment just between the two of them. The details came quickly to him as he pictured a romantic spread of flowers, rose petals, champagne, and strawberries on a table. Kate had once mentioned she wanted to try strawberries with champagne after they watched “Pretty Woman.” Tommy kept that in his back pocket.

Naturally, a store bought table would not suffice, so he began creating a custom-built mahogany table with a “K & T” emblem painted on the side. Tommy wanted to incorporate all of Kate’s “loves” during the proposal and, knowing her passion for the arts, he wrote a two page poem that he read to her on the beach while down on one knee.
Single Stone couple Kate and Tommy kissing, with the ring showing on Kate's left hand
After Kate said YES, their parents emerged from behind a lifeguard tower and came running down to the beach to celebrate together.

Much to Kate's surprise (or third surprise), all of their friends were secretly waiting at a Malibu winery to celebrate into the night.

I was blown away by how intentional every detail of the proposal was. Tommy always makes me feel fully seen and fully loved. It was the best day of my life filled with the most pure love. So much love.”

Kate's engagement ring, a simple yellow gold solitaire ring featuring a prong set emerald cut diamond, with pink and green flowers in the background


Kate fell in love with Single Stone right after moving to California about four years ago, when she began working at Single Stone's sister store Serafina, located just down the street from our San Marino flagship. She recalls making frequent trips down to the store and day dreaming about having a Single Stone ring on her finger one day.

My favorite memory was getting to work with Corina to design my dream ring,” Kate shared.

Corina was able to steer me in the right direction and give wonderful recommendations on details I hadn’t even considered. I let Tommy know that Corina took down all the necessary notes and he would simply need to give her a call. I was so excited to have him collaborate with Corina from there, because I still wanted to be surprised with the final ring. I also knew Tommy was in the best of hands. To be honest…the ring is prettier than I had ever imagined it in my head.

Kate's engagement ring, a simple yellow gold solitaire ring featuring a prong set emerald cut diamond, on her hand

How did you decide on this setting?

"I adore the timelessness and elegance of an emerald cut stone. I chose an emerald cut solitaire diamond with an 18k gold band and a basket setting. Heidi and Corina taught me about the basket setting (thank goodness) and how it would help protect my diamond throughout my lifetime. It’s perfect."

How are you liking the ring now that you've had a chance to wear it? What has your experience been wearing it so far?

"I can’t believe I’m sitting here with a Single Stone ring on my finger!! Ah!! This is a dream come true. I’ve suddenly become left handed since getting engaged?
I am so grateful I got to work with Corina because I have so much respect for her, and I trust her expertise greatly.
When I look down at my ring, I’m filled with so much warmth. It came from a place that is so special to me. It was designed and created by people I deeply cherish. The care and meaning behind it are irreplaceable."

From the Designer

I’m thrilled to have been a part of Kate and Tommy’s engagement. It brings me great pleasure to work with couples to design something special that speaks of their union. Kate had an idea of what she wanted and it was my responsibility to ensure that we were able to articulate her wishes when creating the perfect ring for her and Tommy.”

Kate with her hand across her chest showing her new engagement ring, a simple yellow gold solitaire ring featuring a prong set emerald cut diamond