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A Sneak Peek Into PGI’s Couture Platinum Spotlight Program

Natalie Francisco

“The designers who have opted to partner with Platinum Guild International for our Couture Platinum Spotlight program have been so enthusiastic in taking on the challenge of working with a new [to them] metal, and their nuanced understanding of the art form has allowed them to leverage platinum’s unique properties to beautifully enhance their singular designs.”

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Five Tips for Finding a 2-Carat Natural Diamond in Your Budget

Jill Newman

"Don’t judge antique diamonds by their color grading on a certificate, says Gandia. Some vintage diamonds in a J, K, or I color rating can still appear beautiful, especially when set in a gold yellow gold ring. “Because of the way older diamonds were cut, there is something magical and alluring about them.” She pointed to the brand Single Stone’s stylish antique diamond rings as a great example of diamonds that twinkle warmth in contrast to a super white, precision cut new stone.

Bottom line: Antique diamonds have a warmth and romance that some people find irresistible."



Amanda Smith Fowler & David Hillegas

"Drawing from nature’s most timeless shapes, these pieces will bloom eternally."

30mm Floral Engraved Round Disc on Club Bracelet with Diamond Clasp by Single Stone

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The Most Stunning Jewelry Gifts to Give This Season

Roxanne Adamiyatt

"Single Stone takes antique cut gems and diamonds and resets them in recycled gold for thoroughly modern pieces that carry a bit of old world character."


Check Out the Latest Jewelry Trend Dropping on the Red Carpet

Beth Bernstein

"Arielle drop earrings with old European cut diamonds prong set in handcrafted 18K yellow gold drop earrings."

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Go Big or Go Home: Mob Wife Diamond Jewelry Will Always Be Famous

Anna McFillin

"Now, this is an investment, but it is something out of the movies. The “Simone” ring from Single Stone features a large emerald cut diamond set on a thick gold band. If you’re in the market for an engagement ring…look no further."


18 Glorious Examples of “Mob Wife Aesthetic” Jewelry

Amy Elliot

"Elena necklace in 18k yellow gold with Old European cut diamonds"


These ‘Every Day’ Diamond Jewelry Looks Are Elegant and Versatile

Beth Bernstein

"Ezra 2.5-carat GIA certified vintage trapezoid cut diamond bezel set in a handcrafted 18K yellow gold mounting with a tapered shank. This ring is a statement that can be worn on any finger."


How to Turn an Heirloom Diamond Into Your Dream Engagement Ring

Blythe Copeland

"Jewelry designer Ari Madilian of Single Stone often works with couples who choose to highlight heirloom stones. “How beautiful is it knowing that you are wearing a piece that was in your family for many years and belonged to someone you loved,” he says. “The sustainability and cost savings are just the icing on the cake.”"


How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Band for Your Halo Engagement Ring

Blythe Copeland

"According to Corina Madilian of Single Stone, “A halo setting can be done using any shape, cut, or type of center stone and can be framed with a variety of stones—gemstones, diamonds, varying cuts—just as long as the main stone is framed to create a halo effect.” Case in point: Kate’s ring, famously, is an oval sapphire framed by diamonds; Cardi’s, a pear-shaped diamond with a double halo of white and pink diamonds; Brown’s, a round-cut diamond with a cushion-shaped diamond halo.These rings are especially popular with brides who want to flaunt a striking center gem, and for those who want to increase the overall size of their sparkler without upping the carat count. “Because of the surround framing of the center stone, you can make the center stone look larger and really draw attention to it,” explains Madilian."


Couture: Everyday Diamonds Are More Popular Than Ever

"Lola pendant necklace with old European cut diamond prong set on handcrafted 18K yellow gold Lo chain."


Couture: Platinum Makes a Comeback in a Wide Range of Jewelry

"Lo Fab chain handcrafted in platinum with oval and round links with textured heart and diamond center pendant."