Q: Are your diamonds conflict free? 
A: Yes, 90% of our stones are vintage diamonds that were mined over 100 years ago. Any diamonds that are not vintage are sourced through certified, conflict free providers. 
Q: Do you work with lab grown diamonds? 
A: No, we do not source or set lab grown diamonds in our jewelry. 
Q: Do you use recycled metals? 
A: Yes, our gold is responsibly sourced, recycled, and conflict free. 
Q: What is Champagne Gold? 
A: Champagne gold is our version of natural white gold.  We prefer to work with white gold in its purest form which means, our white gold is not rhodium plated, like most white gold is. Our champagne gold has a warm color to it.  This beautiful hue is reminiscent of the color of champagne and compliments all skin tones. 
Q: What is the difference between Vintage vs. Modern Cut Diamonds? 
A: Vintage stones were cut by hand, over 100 years ago whereas modern diamonds are cut using modern day techniques and machinery. Many describe the appearance of vintage diamonds as having a broader, chunkier look with softer facets while the modern cuts appear to have a sharp and splintered faceting look. Click here to learn more about specific vintage diamond cuts you'll find in Single Stone jewelry. 
Q: Do modern diamond grading standards apply to vintage diamonds? 
A: The modern diamond grading system applies to the carat, color and clarity categories of vintage diamonds however, it does not apply to the cut category. Vintage diamonds were cut by master diamond cutters to maximize the brilliance and beauty of a rough diamond. These cutters were not influenced or limited by the financial results. Today’s diamond cutting industry is highly motivated and guided by the financial result and yield. 
Keep in mind that computer generated mapping guidelines were not available for master cutters of the past. Diamonds cut today are mapped out by computers and lasers leaving very little in the hands and vision of the cutter. Unfortunately, the current cut grading system does not take these limitations into consideration. Therefore, the current diamond cutting standards are set and measured based only on the modern technology available to cutters today. 
Q: Do vintage diamonds come in the higher colors? 
A: Yes, vintage diamonds come in all colors, though most of them fall into the I through N color categories. It is rare to find vintage stones in colors D through G.  
Q: Does "clarity" apply to vintage diamonds? 
A: Yes. Most vintage diamonds will be classified in to VVS - SI clarities. 
Q: Is it okay to buy a diamond with a lower color grading? 
A: Of course! There is an unfortunate idea within the modern diamond market that diamonds should not fall below an I color rating however, this is not the case within the vintage diamond market. We believe that each person should be able to decide on what they find aesthetically pleasing to their eye and do not feel anyone should be told what is right for them. Personally, we love to see the warmth in vintage diamonds and are always inspired knowing they were cut for candlelight.   
Q: How are vintage diamonds priced? 
A: Vintage stones are priced very similarly to modern stones, although higher color vintage diamonds do command a premium which may be higher than a modern stone of equal color. Due to a stones individuality, vintage stone prices can vary significantly based on the uniqueness of a particular stone and the appearance to the naked eye. 
Q: Are your diamonds certified? 
A: Yes, most of our diamonds are certified by GIA or EGL laboratories. 
Q: Can a ring be custom made and/or modified from an existing style? 
A: Yes. If you would like to make a custom ring, we have an extensive library of inspiration images and offer a wide selection of loose, vintage diamonds to choose from. Our pieces are offered in platinum or gold with our gold available in different colors (rose, white and yellow) as well as different karats (14-18-22). 
Q: Are all items shown on your website? 
A: No, we have many pieces that are not posted on our site. If you have a particular piece you are looking for and are unable to find one to your liking on our site, please contact us at info@singlestone.com. 
Q: Does my jewelry purchase come with an appraisal? 
A: Yes, all Single Stone purchases come with an appraisal which can be used to obtain insurance. 
Q: Do Single Stone rings come with a warranty? 
A: Yes, all Single Stone hand-crafted pieces come a warranty. Details can be found on our Warranty page.
Q: Do you work with out-of-state customers? 
A: Yes. We work with clients around the world.  We are happy to correspond with clients through email, phone, or virtually via Zoom. 
Q: My ring is too big/too small. What should I do?  
A: We would recommend sizing for any item that has been purchased from Single Stone and needs any type of adjustment. If you feel your ring needs to be sized, please contact us for shipping instructions or an in-store appointment. We can be reached Monday through Friday from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM PST at 1.213.892.0772. We can also be reached via e-mail at info@singlestone.com. 
Q: How long does it take to create a ring or jewelry piece? 
A: Our production time is currently 8-10 weeks. Pieces that require stones of a special cut can take up to 12 weeks. 
Q: Can you re-create this ring within my budget? 
A: Once we know what your budget is, we can work together to create a jewelry piece that fits your taste and budget. Your budget, design and center stone will dictate what is possible. 
Q: I already have my own center stone. Can I purchase just a setting from you? 
A: Yes, we work with clients who have their own stones to create one-of-a-kind pieces through our bespoke process.   
Q: Do you offer payment plans? 
A: Yes, we offer installment payment plans. Make monthly payments with no hidden fees* via Affirm.
Q: Can I pick up my order from one of your stores? 
A: Yes, orders can be picked up at either of our Single Stone locations (Downtown Los Angeles or San Marino).  Please call us at 1.213.892.0772 to schedule your pickup day and time.  You can also email us at info@singlestone.com.