Karina: An Ode to French Cuts

New ways to wear our signature French cut setting

What started as an eternity band has grown into a full collection of its own. Our Karina French cut setting is so popular, we keep adding more styles! Whether you want a ring, band, necklace, or earrings, we have a Karina for you. Want a piece that really stands out? Try adding a pop of color with one of our ruby, sapphire or gemstone options.

for the love of french cuts

We love working with French cut diamonds - their subtle sparkle and unique faceting reminds us of another time. French cut diamonds became increasingly popular during the Art Deco period when they were regularly used. Their geometric angles blend seamlessly with soft, round slopes to create a perfect rhombus shape.

behind the design

The Karina Collection is just that - geometric angles and shapes that are smoothed and softened by the warmth and fluidity of gold. Simple and classic designs that are chic and timeless - letting the stones speak for themselves.

it began with a band

Our signature French cut bands are a Single Stone fan-favorite, available in small and large sizes and with various stone and metal color options.

a vision for a full collection

With our love for vintage design elements, this Art Deco-inspired setting easily worked its way into more of our collection. The simple elegance of this setting lends to its versatility in both bold and more simple pieces.

in with the new

We’re so enamored with this setting, we continue to feel inspired to design new pieces around it. Our latest pieces include bracelets, double drop earrings, a gorgeous riviera necklace, and a jaw-dropping pair of duster earrings, all featuring the beloved French cut bezel setting.