The Art Deco Period of jewelry design was influenced by the clean and linear art and architecture movements of the 1920s. Jewelers interpreted the symmetry and geometry that became so popular during this time with the use of step cut and French cut diamonds, refined metalwork, and web-like filigree in their designs. Single Stone Art Deco-inspired jewelry utilizes the same hand-crafted techniques of this era to execute designs that mimic those of the 1920s and 1930s - even going so far as employing specially made tools to construct our jewelry in the same way it would have been made nearly 100 years ago. And just as we find it important for the details of our jewelry to reflect the period we are influenced by, we repurpose diamonds from that era of jewelry design whenever possible. Old European cut diamonds, Asscher cut diamonds, and emerald cut diamonds are often found in our Art Deco-inspired jewels.