Our ammonia-free Gentle Jewelry Cleaner is safe to use on all types of gemstones and metals, while effectively removing germs, grime, and oils without agitation. Includes dipping basket and touch-up brush.
Cleaning Instructions
Our Gentle Jewelry Cleaner is easy to use. Simply follow these steps for a perfect clean:

1. Immerse your jewelry in Gentle Jewelry Cleaner each day for two minutes. Once a month, we recommend soaking your jewelry to over night.
2. Rinse and blot dry
3. Polish with a polishing cloth to restore shine!

Ideal for daily use on all varieties of delicate and porous gemstones, including pearls.
Additional Information

Included with Purchase

Your Single Stone fine jewelry purchase always includes:

Our jewelry is made locally in Los Angeles and most pieces are made to order. For these made-to-order items, please allow 8-12 weeks for delivery. In-stock items will ship the following business day (Tues-Fri). Please contact us if you have any questions or special requests.

One-of-a-kind by Design

Because you're an original and your jewelry should be, too.

At Single Stone, you don’t need to create a custom bespoke design to have a unique piece of jewelry.
Individually crafted with unique vintage and mindfully-sourced stones, no two pieces are alike.

Everyday Heirlooms


Our jewelry is often inspired by the antique diamonds they are designed around. Featuring characteristics reminiscent of the Art Deco, Edwardian and Victorian eras, there's something for every vintage jewelry lover.

conflict-free diamonds and gemstones

Responsibly sourced, Sustainably crafted.

All of our jewelry is mindfully crafted in Los Angeles using recycled metals, repurposed antique diamonds, and other responsibly-sourced stones.